How to Create a Successful Fashion Blog

While the Internet and online communities have always been viewed as a dwelling for the wardrobe challenged, Vicki Sullivan bridges the gap between fashion and the blogging world with her blog, Aspiring Socialite. In fact, her work stands as a testament to just how successful a truly dedicated fashion blogger can be.

In our latest Journalism Advice article, Sullivan offers advice on how to use your fashion blog to jump-start a career working with top luxury brands and developing incredible contacts in the fashion world. One big aspect according to Sullivan, is choosing just the right moniker:

The name you choose for your blog must be a natural fit that truly expresses who you are, as it is the essence of your personal brand. Often, the name can come to you rather unexpectedly.

Says fashion blogger Melissa Tierney: “The name for my blog was a joint effort. I took a notebook and wrote down tons of different possible names. Finally, as I was walking to my office on Madison Ave., I came up with Missy On Madison.”

In addition to choosing the right name, Sullivan shares how to find your own voice, brand and the importance of a good URL.

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