How to Combat Self-Doubt During a Job Hunt

We’ve seen this happen too many times to qualified job seekers so it’s time to set the record straight.

When an employer sees potential in your ability even if you don’t see it, why not go for it? If you’re starting to wonder about your own ability, consider that normal but then accept that you’re a rock star and can simply learn new things when given the shot! Why not give yourself the chance to succeed?

Per a piece in The New York Post, a job seeker indicates a potential employer thinks he or she is qualified for a big job but as for the seeker him/herself? They’re not so sure.

Human resources executive in the media industry Greg Giangrande writes, “Indeed, you may not be qualified for the role. Or you may suffer from the common career malady in which you go through a bout of self-doubt….They’ve seen or heard something about you that is appealing to them — and you should go for it.”

Here’s the thing about advancing your career — sometimes you just need to shut your eyes and make a calculated leap! We’re assuming you’re smart (or else you wouldn’t be reading our blog, right? *smile*) and you’re easily trainable. You’ll figure it out, we know you will. You’ll ask questions, you’ll learn and ultimately you’ll grow.

During an interview it’s not like you’ll inaccurately misrepresent yourself; simply state you are ready to learn something new and take on a bigger role. Say it confidently and believe it! Be honest and say you haven’t done xyz yet but given the chance to learn it, you will embrace the challenge.

Sure, you may feel in over your head at times but visit the reason why you’re looking for a new job anyway. If it’s to learn something new, take on more responsibilities in a juicier, bigger role, it feels like a no brainer to us.