How To Build A Portfolio Website

We here are big fans of having a portfolio that you make yourself. (You can, of course, create a portfolio on Blogger or whatever and link to clips from there—you can even build a portfolio with for a monthly fee or set up a free homepage as an AG member), but we are big fans of the DIY method.

Here’s why, as Emily Ingram says: “I look at my site as an investment well worth the $5/month I pay in hosting, and I think the extra skills I’ve learned through having to host it on my own come in handy. (I can go into interview now and say that I know what it means to transfer a file via FTP. I couldn’t do that before.)”

That’s why we’re calling out her excellent five-part series on creating a portfolio website. The series covers everything from picking a domain (and what it will cost) to installing WordPress and themes and basic HTML. It’s really a fantastic “start here” resource for anyone who wants to graduate from to the next level.

Check it out:
Week 1: Buy a domain and install WordPress
Week 2: Find a theme, install it and customize it
Week 3: Write first blog post and About page
Week 4: Put up your resume
Week 5: Add portfolio materials and install plugins