How to Break Up With a Negative Mentor

menandwomenjpgIn a perfect world, you have a mentor. He or she is energetic, positive, uplifting! And of course, available to meet and talk to you about shaping your career.

Well, what if it’s not exactly a perfect situation and your mentor is um, a little negative? You may want to break up with this so-called advocate but breaking up professionally is certainly not fun, not like breaking up personally is fun either but still…

According to today’s New York Post, HR executive Greg Giangrande dishes some advice.

Flip the situation upside down!

“You can try adopting a reverse mentoring approach, and address the issue to help your mentor become more self-aware about how they are presenting themselves — and how it isn’t constructive or helpful for their own career and anyone they manage (or mentor!).”

Let’s say that doesn’t work. Your other alternative? Consciously make yourself less available to your mentor and stop initiating meetings. Over time he says it will “fizzle out.”