How Social Music Can Be A Marketing Strategy

Here’s another new technology that marketers should keep on their radar: how to integrate digital music into their online campaigns.

According to Smartblog on Social Media, services like Spotify and Grooveshark are more than just social novelties.

Here are a few ways businesses can use digital music in their marketing strategies, courtesy of Smartblog on Social Media.

  • “Give your customers a takeaway….Using services such as Grooveshark or Spotify’s partner,, businesses can create compilations for patrons to reinforce the memories from an establishment….It reminds them of a delicious meal, an invigorating workout or that really sassy outfit they purchased while in your place of business.”
  • “Showcase your personality….If you own a little coffee shop and want to keep the atmosphere filled with calm and easy vibes, you can take an evening to compile songs that you feel best fit that climate. That can help you draw your ideal crowd and also introduce new customers to your brand personality….if I’m choosing a new gym to join, I’d like to know if it’s a ‘C+C Music Factory’ type of atmosphere or a ‘Nickelback’ one.”
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