How Many Followers Will You Have In A Week? A Month? Next Year? Find Out With Twitter Counter

The obsession with how many followers one does (or does not have) has died down a little bit since the early days of Twitter. Indeed, co-founder Evan Williams recently said that, in his opinion, followers was not Twitter’s dream metric – rather, it was how many people saw your tweet.

Still, across Twitter more than 1,000 users now have more than one million followers, and certainly when you’re new to the network these weighty tallies can be both glittering lures and constant reminders that, try as you might, you’ll probably never reach such heights.

Still, sometimes it can be good to know you’re on the right path, and, all things being equal, the consistent arrival of new followers to your profile can be a positive sign that you’re doing what you do well. Conversely, a flat-lining or decrease in your follower tally can be a reliable indication that you’re doing the polar opposite. It would be nice to know where you’ll be in a few days, weeks or months from now… wouldn’t it?

Sure it would. And thanks to Twitter Counter, you can use the power of mathematics and, specifically, averages, to find out. Simply load up the site, punch in your Twitter profile and you’ll immediately be privy to a wealth of data and statistics.

Here, for example, is the @alltwtr account.

I’ve marked the important areas with a pair of red arrows. Using Twitter Counter’s sliders, you can quickly see estimates for how many followers you should expect to have in any period from one to 259 days from now.

This isn’t limited to just the profiles you have access to – you can use Twitter Counter to forecast the followers of any Twitter user you like.

Try it out. The information could surprise you. And if your numbers aren’t where you’d hoped they would be in a few weeks from now, there’s no better time than the present to start making changes to the way that you tweet.

(Follow button image via Shutterstock.)

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