How John K.’s Simpsons Intro Came To Be

In case you missed it, and given what we’ve learned from the recent cast contract negotiations there’s a good chance that might be the case, artist and Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi, perhaps better known as simply John K., was given the keys to the opening of The Simpsons this past Sunday. On the heels of last year’s Banksy-created opening, the very last section of the ever-changing opening, often referred to as “the couch gag,” was drawn in his familiar, distorted and slightly deranged style. Cartoon Brew landed an interview with John K., launched the morning after its surprise appearance. In it, he goes into great detail about not only how it all came to be, but the whole process behind its illustration and animation. Even if you aren’t a filmmaker and/or a Ren and Stimpy fan, it’s well worth your time. Before you get started, however, here’s the opening (unfortunately, shot on a television screen, as Fox seems to have locked their copy on YouTube):