How Hot Was It?

(Delayed from yesterday, thanks to technical difficulties).

It was so hot on Tuesday that the Washington Post dedicated nearly 30 reporters to their coverage of the heat in Wednesday’s paper.

Michael E. Ruane and Steven Mufson‘s front page piece paints an apocalyptic picture of the rising temps. “Lights were dimmed in Congress, extra power plants stayed online and warnings about air quality were issued yesterday as the Washington region sizzled through a withering heat wave that forecasters expected to get even worse today.” Thanks guys. But they couldn’t have done it alone. Charles Babington, Susan DeFord, Daniel deVise, Rosalind S. Helderman, Allison Klein, Allan Lengel, Ernesto Londono, Ann E. Marimow, Jamie Stockwell, Sandhya Somashekhar, Lena H. Sun, Martin Weil and Dan Zak all chipped in.

But wait, there’s more: Theola Labbe, Bill Turque, Annie Gowen, Robert Pierre, David A. Fahrenthold, Michael Alison Chandler, Dan Morse and Liz Clarke contributed with some “Vignettes” on A6. Even Tom Toles chimed in with a cartoon.

Courtland Milloy tells it how it is: “Now it’s the kids whining about the weather. Would you believe that a group of them had the nerve to complain to District officials about the heat at their summer enrichment program at Davis Elementary? It’s a public school, for crying out loud — in Southeast, no less. What did they expect? Air conditioning?” And Megan Greenwell, April Umminger and Ruane provide us with a Summer Survival Guide with such insights as, “If the temperature outside is significantly higher than the temperature in your home, keep the doors and windows closed.”

Page Three’s Paul Duggan said it best: “It heats up about this time every year, but there is a limit to what can be said about it.”

And the Style section even ran a humorous(?) “Urgent Weather Message” from John Newland. I would have preferred a piece by Laura Sessions Stepp about how wingwomen lose their virginity when it’s really hot out during the summertime.

The Washington Times ran two stories (one of which was from the Associated Press), and designated only three reporters to the heat beat: Adoree Kim, Ayla Kremen and Marie Tyler.

(>UPDATE: We left out one of the W. Times heat stories, buried back in Sports–and by an intern no less!

The Examiner came in with five stories (one of which was from the Associated Press), done by four reporters: Megan Snider, Montie Martin, Mike Rupert and Michael Neibauer. They also included some words of wisdom from Doug Hill: “Prepare for a miserably hot afternoon: hazy, hot sunshine with temperatures around 100 degrees with heat indices topping 110 degrees.” Awesome.

The Express offered AP only.

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