How Fast Company Treats Photographers (Not Badly!)

It’s always nice to hear a tale of a freelancer and a magazine coming to a fair agreement.*

This may be why we love these Real World Estimates features from A Photo Editor which detail exactly how a photographer goes about setting up a contract with a client.

In the latest instance we read about Bill Cramer, who did a shoot for Fast Company magazine. The mag, it turns out, pays a flat fee per shoot which seems reasonable to us (though we don’t know what the going rate is); Cramer’d prefer to “structure editorial fees on the basis of a day rate vs. space” but he went with it.

The magazine paid his expenses, showed some leeway on contract terminology (Cramer struck out some lines relating to FC’s rights to resell his photos, and they accepted it), and had a generally reasonable (according to Cramer) contract.

Sounds like a good place to shoot for if your work’s up to the challenge. Photo Director Leslie de la Vega is in charge. Read the whole shoot debriefing at A Photo Editor.
*This could be putting words in the photog’s mouth, but he certainly gave the impression that it seemed fair to him.