How Do You Contact the Owner of a Facebook Page?

While Facebook has created Pages to be the hub for brands, businesses, and celebrities to build their Facebook presence, it intentionally hasn’t made it easy for users to privately contact the administrators of a Facebook Page.

Why? Facebook wants to steer marketers to communicate with users through Facebook’s core communication channels. This means primarily posting content to the Wall for fans to read in their News Feed. Page owners can also send “updates” to fans (updates are bulk messages sent to fans that arrive in a separate Inbox tab), but updates must be sent more sparingly. And while Page updates can be targeted by age, sex, and location, Page administrators aren’t able to contact fans individually on behalf of the Page.

Facebook does not surface any way for users to privately contact the administrators of a Facebook Page by default. However, sometimes fans still want to contact Page owners directly. How can they do so? The best route really depends on the scenario:

1. Customer Service? Use the Wall.

If you’re interested in contacting the owner of a Facebook Page with a customer service question, using the Page’s Wall will give you the best shot at getting a response. Many Pages have staff set up to monitor and answer customer service questions, and chances are other users will benefit from the administrator’s response. However, unless the Page admin has specifically posted their contact information somewhere on the Page, you won’t be able to direct these questions privately to the Page administrator themselves.

2. Legal Issues? Contact Facebook.

If an unauthorized party is running a Facebook Page on behalf of your business or brand, Facebook will work with you to resolve the matter through a variety of possible methods ranging from transferring the Page to your control to shutting the Page down altogether (see How Do You Treat a Fan Who Owns Your Facebook Page? for more details and options). Using the “Report Page” link on the bottom left corner of every Page is the best first step. If Facebook is blocking you from creating the Page you are authorized to create, you can use this form to have your Page creation request manually reviewed. Note, however, that your request must come from an authorized source.

3. Business Development Requests? Use your intuition.

If you’re looking to get in touch with the owner of a Facebook Page for business development reasons, there’s no easy way to discover the contact information of the Page’s owners. If the Page is operated by a company, use a service like LinkedIn to find contacts at the company to ask for help finding the person who runs the Facebook Page. Otherwise, your best bet is to post subtle messages to the Wall asking the Page’s owner to contact you directly. If they’re actively managing the Page, they should get back to you quickly.