How CBS Interactive Will Help You Buy the Perfect Car

Covering the intersection of cars and tech

As we saw last week during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas–and will this week at the Detroit Auto Show–the future of the automobile industry will be driven by the technology.

And CBS Interactive wants to help consumers navigate through the new gadget-enabled cars. With the help of CNET, CBS Interactive is launching Roadshow, a brand that will cover the intersection of auto and tech. Roadshow launched this morning in conjunction with the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, with Audi, GMC and Toyota on board as launch sponsors.

"Technology is becoming that key differentiator," said CNET general manager Mark Larkin, who will also head up Roadshow.  The main purpose of Roadshow, says Larkin, is to educate consumers so they can make better car-buying decisions.

With car tech evolving so quickly, Larkin argues Roadshow can create FOMO among car buyers. Unlike the purchasing habits of the smartphone consumer–a new one every couple of years–a car is a longer term investment. "Should I buy now should I wait two years?," Larkin echoed a car buyer.

Roadshow will launch with several video series including: "Rivals," which will test three segment-leading cars against each other; "Shootout," where two vehicular nemeses square off; and "Driving Detroit," a series that will give viewers a look into the economic revitalization of Detroit, as seen through the lens of the transportation industry. Roadshow will also partner with Detroit Trading Company, a leading auto marketplace, to aggregate millions of new and used vehicle listings.

"Cars are evolving more rapidly today than at any other time in history," said Tim Stevens, who will serve as Roadshow's editor-in-chief. "Technology is pushing the automotive industry further and faster with topics like autonomy, electrification and security dominating the headlines."

Larkin noted much of the evolution is being put on display at conventions like CES, which is getting more and more attention from the industry. "We saw automotive take a turn into technology these last couple years," says Larkin. "We saw tech that was going to make an impact on the average consumer."