House Women’s Bathroom Headlines at a Glance

A new, apparently much needed women’s bathroom near the House Floor has prompted stories around town. Let’s see how pubs handled the headline and see who did it best. We’ve rated them from best to least catchy. “House Bill Seeks Potty Parity for Women”

Roll Call: “Women’s Bathroom Will Unseat Appropriations Committee”

Hot Air: “Women finally get seats in the House”

Google News: “Boehner finally rises above potty politics”

NYT: “House to Add One Important Room” “John Boehner to Install Huge Women’s Bathroom”

Politico: “Women’s bathroom in House: $200K”

The Hill: “Boehner to create women’s restroom adjacent to House floor”

TWT: “Female House members to gain restroom under Boehner Speakership”

Fox News: “Congress Seeks to Expand Access to Women’s Restrooms in Federal Buildings”