House Beautiful Inspired by ‘Conspiracy’ Keanu Reeves

For the second year in a row, House Beautiful is leveraging an online sensation surrounding Keanu Reeves as part of the marketing strategy for its chair giveaway that came to D.C. last week.

It may sound strange, but it works for them. Last year, House Beautiful took a picture from the “sad Keanu” meme and photoshopped it on pink chairs all over Chicago. This year they took “conspiracy Keanu” and slapped him onto pictures of  Washington- related conspiracy theories now posted on HB’s Facebook page.

House Beautiful is continuing with its chair campaign by auctioning off chairs to benefit Homes for Our Troops.

Associate publisher Sean Sullivan explained the marketing strategy to FishbowlDC… “House Beautiful’s Conspiracy Keanu project is a fringe part of our Green Color Issue promotion,” he said. “It is about tapping into the opportunities of viral social media to promote our green chairs program. Involving images of Keanu originated last year, inspired by something that already existed.”

Sullivan explained that since they came to Washington for their ‘American Made’ presser and green chair giveaway, they were inspired by the Conspiracy Keanu meme. “It’s a fun way to tap into a younger audience than we normally reach, and driving attention for our green chair program going on right now,” he said.