Hot Tweeters Ranks Twitter Users on Looks Alone

There’s lots of ways to rank Twitter users, by reputation, the number of followers they have versus the number of people they follow, who replies to their tweets, who retweets their updates, or the relevancy of links they share through their updates. But what about their looks?

Admit it. You’ve peeped a few Twitter user profile pictures before, clicking all the way through to view the full size of someone’s image you find particularly interesting. And there’s nothing quite as compelling on Twitter than an interesting user photo. It can grasp someone’s attention enough to convince them to check you out if they see your ultra-tiny thumbnail as one that’s being followed on someone else’s Twitter profile.

So why not rank Twitter users by their hotness?

Enter Hot Tweeters. This new site pulls Twitter user photos of both males and females and lets you choose which photos you think are hot from a given set. You can get an entirely new set if you don’t think any of those users or hot, or vote for the ones you think are hot and get another new set of users on which to vote. The homepage also features the top 10 hot tweeters, along with the number of votes they’ve received.

For each user featured on Hot Tweeters, you can also view their Hot Tweeter profile or choose to follow them on Twitter. Their Hot Tweeter profiles feature their basic stats for Hot Tweeter, including the number of votes they’ve received and how many times their Hot Tweeter profile has been viewed.
Interestingly enough you can send a private message to a user featured on Hot Tweeter via their site.

You can also see the other hot tweeters they’ve voted for, which is yet another way in which hot tweeters can be recommended to other Twitter users, and in turn could be followed. Their basic Twitter profile information is also available via Hot Tweeter, though I find it a tad funny that you won’t see their most recent tweets on these profile pags.

But if you’d like to get more involved with the Hot Tweeters service, you can login using your Twitter credentials and do things like save your favorite hotties, which could be a useful way of grouping some Twitter users you find particularly important to you.

Sadly, I’ve seen enough shirtless male user photos on Twitter to know that there are users out there relying on their looks to gain attention on Twitter. Just as the 140 character constraints for Twitter updates force you to be creative in your word selection to get a concise message across to followers, so too is the lack of image-sharing a way in which you’re encouraged to get creative with your tiny user photo. Hot Tweeters is a site that lets us pay our respects to such creativity, in a rather entertaining way.