Horsing Around

We’ve come to expect the bi-weekly tirades against the Washington Post from the Washington City Paper. But the latest pot shot at the Post–“Maryland horse racing loses a trusted ally”–seems a bit of a stretch. Dave McKenna explains how the Post’s decision to cease print publication of horse race results hurts Maryland’s horse racing industry.

  • “Even if it’s supported by such empirical data, the loss of entries and results comes as another tough blow to hardcore railbirds.”

  • “If newspapering owes a debt to any pastime, it’s horse racing.”

  • “A horseplayer’s supply of hope is inexhaustible. But past performances indicate that Gathagan and others obsessed with the turf have some reason to believe that the Post’s cutback can be reversed.”

Oh brother.

Just think what they might say if/when the Post stops publishing stock tables…We can just see it now:

  • “The Post’s decision to cease publication of stock tables may be singularly responsible for the demise of the small font industry. Mickey McFourPointFont now wanders the streets aimlessly, searching for a publication that still appreciates the once treasured notion that, indeed,’less is more.'”