Horrors, Polanski May Have To Thank An Unknown When He Gets His Next Oscar

Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski may have to thank L.A.-based indie documentary-maker Marina Zenovich if he’s able to overturn his sexual misconduct charges and return to the U.S. again after 30 years.

Zenovich, who is an old pal of FBLA, had been working on the doc “Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired” for more than a decade. After finding partial financing, she had been doggedly at it for years. Even when she got close, Polanski still denied any interviews. When she finally finished it, HBO swept in and championed the film.

Now, it looks like Polanski will take another stab at coming to the U.S. The “Chinatown” and “Rosemary’s Baby” director, through new attorneys, has filed a petition to have the charges dropped.

The lawyers, in their complaint, cited Zenovich’s film and the smoking gun evidence that the sitting judge may have overstepped his bounds.

“The release of the documentary film ‘Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired’ and its aftermath have revealed a pattern of misconduct and improper communications between the Superior Court and the District Attorney’s Office, in violation of the rule of law and without the knowledge of the defendant or his counsel,” the lawyers said. “This case serves as a classic example of how our justice system can be abused, and defendants’ rights trampled, by an unholy alliance between courts and criminal prosecutors.”

The Hollywood Reporter said its position for several years has been “if Mr. Polanski wants to resolve this matter, he must appear in person. Should he do so, he would be taken to Dept. 100 for sentencing – which is where this all left off. At that point, his attorneys would be free to pursue whatever legal strategy they choose.”

Polanski resides in Paris and is a French citizen. He won the best director Oscar in 2002 for “The Pianist.” Unable to attend the ceremony, Polanski received his statue at the Deauville Film Festival where it was presented to him by his “Frantic” star, Harrison Ford.

If I were Polanski, I wouldn’t trust ’em.