Hopefully Our Last Post On The Surprising, Troubling, Enchanting and Humbling Press Conferece…

A wrap of last night’s coverage, in case you missed it…
WaPo‘s Tom Shales Obama’s Enchanting Quizfest: “The TV networks always get a little jealous when a president, or any news figure, turns out to be a great communicator. They start looking for ways to distract viewers. During the early minutes of the news conference, ABC ran little poll questions and news squibs at the bottom of the screen. That was just video gingerbread, and wildly unnecessary at that.”
WaPo‘s Howard Kurtz One Smooth Talker: “The questions were serious but not confrontational, and here’s what was striking: It was 46 minutes before a reporter put the focus solely on the economy, when Andre Showell of BET asked about minority unemployment during the recession. Does that mean it has slipped as a journalistic priority, or that there were so much else on the menu?”
• And someone at The Denver Post was not a big fan of CNN’s theatrics either. Joanne Ostrow writes: “After CNN’s performance Wednesday night, thinking and cable news have never felt farther apart.”
• And Politico brings us “Greatest hits from ‘100 Days’ stories.”