Twit Twit Hooray! After User Demand, HootSuite Restores Much-Loved Pending Tweets Column

Last week we wrote about HootSuite’s new Publisher tool, which offered advanced functionality for the management of scheduled tweets.

A nice idea, but it wasn’t particularly well implemented. First, Publisher broke the existing pending tweets of most users, with hours and hours passing (especially for Europeans) before anybody noticed and this was fixed. This pissed off a lot of people.

Second, the arrival of Publisher came at the expense of the Pending Tweets column within HootSuite. As I wrote last week, I loved Pending Tweets. It was simple and convenient and, more importantly, it was always right there. Publisher was, at best, a couple of clicks away. This seems slight, but unnecessary clicks add up, and eventually crap all over your day.

And while I’ve begrudgingly become semi-accustomed to Publisher in the past few days, HootSuite hasn’t felt the same. I wasn’t alone. Many other users had similar complaints. And rightfully so, as HootSuite is not only an important business tool – it’s one that many people are now paying for.

Now, and thankfully, sanity has returned, HootSuite has restored the Pending Tweets pane, and the crazy, wide, wide world of Twitter is back to how it was.

The announcement came via a ‘bring back pending tweets column’ in the HootSuite feedback forum.


“Pending Updates stream returns as it was. Your polite and thoughtful opinions play a large role in shaping our development road map. Keep the comments coming and we’ll keep working to make tools you can rely upon,” writes Chris at HootSuite.

The suggestion received 304 up-votes from HootSuite users.

The Pending Tweets columns didn’t return automatically for me – I had to re-add them to my stream. To do this:

  1. Log off from HootSuite, and back on
  2. Click on the Add Stream button
  3. Make sure Twitter is highlighted
  4. Select the desired profile and move the ‘Select the type of stream’ drop-down box to Pending Tweets
  5. Click on Create Stream

Voila. Move the stream to your preferred place on the HootSuite deck – I have mine on the far right of the screen. As I said, so it’s always there.

Well done HootSuite. As I wrote in the article last week, I was slightly concerned that they’d abandoned their outstanding customer support and had stopped listening to customers. Thankfully, sanity has prevailed and normalcy has returned.

Now: when am I going to get that integration?