Homestar Runner to Relaunch Soon

The system is no longer down

Cheer up Strong Sad: Homestar Runner is coming back. Co-creator Matt Chapman announced the return of the hallowed Web cartoon on the Jeff Rubin Show! podcast to the delight of the Internet audience.

"I would just love to be making cartoons with those characters again, that's sort of the first thing that I'm thinking," he said. "Beyond that, if it even looks like the possibility of being able to do it full time again that's amazing. I'm not even going to entertain that. I'm just excited to make these dumb animal characters talk again."

Chapman explained that he and his brother Mike Chapman had sort of joke-tested a new video on April Fool's Day this year to gauge whether people were still interested in their pet project, which last published a video in 2010. They were blown away by the response. 

Matt added that The Brothers Chaps are aiming for a summer or fall relaunch, and thankfully plan to update the website so it will be easier to navigate. And they'll create both 2002-era interactive Flash versions and a higher quality HD version for YouTube, albeit without the bells and whistles. They've already started to brainstorm a new Strong Bad email, and have other ideas cooking—including a potential Strong Bad Twitter or a Strong Sad Tumblr.

"We are jonesing to do this stuff again," he said.