Homeless Man Plans to Attend Hackathon After Learning Coding From Developer

A New York City homeless man named Leo is planning on attending his first hackathon this week after spending 45 days studying how to code with a software developer named Patrick McConlogue. That is if he can get out of jail.

This unusual story began a couple of months back. After walking past Leo panhandling on a daily basis, Patrick approached him and offered him $100 in cash or the chance to learn coding. Leo took Patrick up on his offer to learn coding and together they embarked on the teacher/student initiative through the name The Journeyman Challenge.

Patrick and Leo announced the good news about the Hackathon on their Facebook page on Saturday. Feast on Good is putting on the hackathon in NYC this week with the goal of creating apps that help make an impact on people’s lives using technology. Sounds like a good match.

Sadly, this morning Leo was arrested for trespassing. Here is more from the Journeyman Facebook page:

This morning 20 minutes before I got there to start the lesson the Police arrested Leo for trespassing. I am down at the 10 precinct now to explain everything and get him out. An officer (who wishes to leave his name out) heard his story and they are doing the best they can.