Holy See-it! Pope Watches CBS Mini with Voight, Declares Thursdays ‘Lifetime Movie’ Night at Vatican

Reuters reports that Pope Benedict XVI and Jon Voight together attended a special screening of a TV mini-series in which Voight plays the late Pope John Paul II.


Insiders tell Fishbowl that The Pontiff initially expressed satisfaction with the mini, but quickly grew enraged after being informed he would not be meeting with Angelina Jolie after all; His Holiness then used his staff to turn St. Peter’s into a lake of fire, to the dismay of several CBS executives burned alive.

Several Carmelite nuns praised the Benedict’s decision to make Thursday night a movie night at the Basilica, expressing unvarnished enthusiasm for next week’s planned double feature of Lifetime pics “Mother Superior, May I Sleep with Danger?” and “She Woke Up Pregnant.”