Hollywood’s Collateral Damage

Hollywood break-ups alway end up hurting the little ones the most. While bigwigs like Sony’s Michael Lynton talk about trimming the sails, underlings all over town know that once the boss is toast, their own pink slips won’t be far behind. Managing Editor of Hollywood Momentum, Karen Woodward told us:

Layoffs always hurt the little people the most; those people that no one ever thinks about. People at the exec level will always find something new, and they have their cushy severance packages to fall back on, but it’s the assistants left scrambling, often with no severance at all.
The worst part is probably the actual packing up of the boss’s office. He/She can waltz out in a burst of shame and/or arrogance, but it’s the asst. who’s left unfolding those boxes and packing crap; never to hear from his/her severance-rich boss again while assistant begs for one week’s severance, looks into Cobra options, and then pounds the pavement (after having a nervous breakdown of course.)

Advice for assistants: Skip the Cobra. It’s too expensive. Go for a
Blue Cross Individual plan.