LA Business Journal Runs the THR Print Edition Numbers

Former Los Angeles Daily News reporter Greg Hernandez has a solid piece in this week’s LA Business Journal about the handsome, glossy, and sometimes ad-deficient weekly print version of the Hollywood Reporter.

He spoke to both THR editor-in-chief Janice Min and competitor Sharon Waxman, and shares some interesting numbers. A full-page Reporter print ad costs $32,000 and, according to Min, is not presently being discounted; circulation is at 72,000; and a January issue total of 24 full-page ads looks to be the early new-phase revenue record. Reveals Min:

“To try and pick a cover every week is brutal,” she said. “How do you make these stories travel into a wider sphere of people? That’s been one of the goals. There’s no law written into the journalism books that trade stories have to be boring. So it’s, can this magazine be fun?… It doesn’t have to be so dry that you want to shove a pen in your eye.”

The article is one of the first to be written for the Journal by Hernandez since he joined the publication several weeks ago as its new entertainment and media reporter. Other initial topics have included KCET and the Long Beach Post.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.