Hollywood power madame trades press-whoring for man-whoring

heidifleiss[1].gifGood news, ladies of Tinseltown: Ever felt as though the good ol’ boys network of film and TV executives had cornered the market on high-priced, soul-staining, demeaning sex, leaving you with nowhere to turn to properly degrade yourself?

Well, have we got good news for you! Just eight years after serving time for conspiracy, tax evasion, money laundering and pandering, “Hollywood madame” Heidi Fleiss is packing up her Sunset Strip home and is getting into the Nevada man-whore business.


Sizemore_narrowweb__200x268[1].jpgInformed of the news, Tom Sizemore
dropped to his knees and began to pray to Satan, solemnly thanking His Dark Majesty for getting him a new gig.