Hollywood & Highland Declared the Fugliest of All By Curbed LA


Disclaimer: There will be no jokes in this post about how easy it is to hold an Ugliest Building Contest in Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, today Curbed LA declared its winner: Hollywood & Highland, the triumphantly ever-morphing mall for tourists. When asked to judge this contest with such local luminaries as Christopher Hawthorne, Lorcan O’Herlihy and Ryan from LosAnjealous, we fully expected that H&H would be a front runner, but we swore to ourselves that we would not malign the white elephants. Hollywood & Highland is not only the building nearest to our hearts (literally) but it truly is the building dearest to our hearts. And by dearest to our hearts, we mean they have a Beard Papa’s, something we simply cannot write this blog without. Say what you will about Hollywood & Highland, but we say: a strawberry cream puff is not ugly.

Thanks to everyone at Curbed LA for this invaluable experience.