Hollywood.tv Hits and Runs

Although the website Hollywood.tv tends to get less ink than its tabloid brethren TMZ and Radar Online, that may change this week if Cerritos blogger Randy Economy has anything to do with it. On Sunday, November 14th, in the wake of the horrific hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of 21-year-old fashion company intern Lauren Ann Freeman in West Hollywood last Wednesday, Economy posted a call to action.

The widely read blogger was outraged that Hollywood.tv had chosen to share video of the immediate aftermath of the November 10th incident, shot from the callous POV of a side mirror. Various angry YouTube commenters agreed.

Wrote Economy:

I have been bombarded with notes asking me to encourage all my readers to demand that Hollywood.tv remove a repulsive and graphic video of the scene on Sunset Boulevard that shows the graphic hit and run… Shame on Hollywood.tv for allowing this to be posted on their website…

Let’s all put pressure on Hollywood.tv to have the person responsible for posting this clip be fired. They have crossed the line, big time, in my opinion.

Hollywood.tv is the brainchild of Sheeraz Hasan (pictured), a flamboyant London entrepreneur. We urge him to review his standards and practices (or lack thereof) in the wake of this reprehensible posting.