Catching Up with ‘LA’s Unlikeliest Angel’

It’s been three years since Calgary, Alberta scion Jack Singer visited Los Angeles. The occasion was his 90th birthday party, at which he tells Maclean’s magazine he was too busy getting drunk to notice which celebrities were in attendance.

Despite a recent battle with pneumonia and separate hip injury, the currently hospitalized Singer is hoping to soon be back home in the bedroom where now hangs a framed LA city resolution presented in his absence last month. The ceremony took place at Hollywood Center Studios, which Singer bought in 1984 and revitalized. It is run by his son Alan:

The special resolution honors Singer for his “vital role in the revitalization of the District of Hollywood”… It ends declaring him “an angel in the City of Angels.”

Singer famously got into the film business when a 1981 autograph-seeking visit to the set of Francis Ford Coppola‘s One From the Heart turned into much more–a $3 million handshake investment in the ambitious film. He would later pay $12.4 million for the director’s LA facility (renamed Hollywood Center), at an auction where he turned out to be one of only two pre-approved bidders.