Hitting Up Amsterdam with Droog’s Directions


Have oodles of disposable income and have nothing to do at the moment? Well, if you’re reading this exclusive site, that means you passed the rigorous screening process and you fit within that criteria. So you’ll no doubt appreciate us telling you, by way of Dezain, that Droog Design has partnered with airline KLM in putting together a “see the world of Dutch design” package (follow the link in the column to the right). It sounds fantastic and because you do have so much extra money to throw around, we’re inviting you to take us with you. Here’s a bit:

If you fly to Amsterdam with KLM, you are offered a package deal for your stay in the ‘capital of Dutch Design.’ The package includes discount on your ticket, a voucher for a free present from the Droog Design collection, including a guided tour in the Droog shop & gallery and special rates at the Lloyd Hotel in the trendy Eastern Docklands area.