HitFix Rescues TV Tattle

Given the popularity of the Oakland-based blog TV Tattle, the only surprise perhaps is that Norman Weiss opted not to resort to a Kickstarter campaign after recenty pulling the plug.

Per an announcement today by HitFix TV critic Alan Sepinwall sub-headlined “Same site, same editor, slightly new location,” TV Tattle is not permanently going to rest alongside the Betamax, TV Guide printed listings and the Sham Wow dude:

Starting today — right now, in fact — you can find TV Tattle at HitFix.com/tvtattle, or through its original URL, TVTattle.com. Nothing changes about the site; Norman has full editorial independence to pick whatever links he likes. We wanted Tattle to continue to exist as it always has.

We don’t have the power to uncancel shows most of the time, but we did have the ability to uncancel TV Tattle. Sounds good to me.

Among the tidbits covered by Weiss in his first two HitFix items is the surprising and irritating news that Dexter copycat killer Mark Twitchell has been allowed to purchase a flat screen TV for his Saskatchewan prison cell and hook it up to a package of cable channels that includes… Dexter. A good, smart get for HitFix.