Hitchens Is No Modern Drunkard

In the midst of Doublethink’s coverage of Modern Drunkard magazine’s third annual convention, “the best time you’ll never remember,” Sean Higgins hid a gem. A bit late, but worth the wait:

    Modern Drunkard’s efforts to interview Washington-based writer Christopher Hitchens have proven fruitless.

    This jibes with what Hitchens himself told me when I saw him at Buffalo Billiards in D.C.’s Dupont Circle the previous week. Would you be willing to be interviewed for Modern Drunkard, I asked him. A firm “no” followed.

    “I don’t begrudge you asking, but I cannot do it,” Hitchens said. He has “too many enemies right now” to grant an interview to that publication. Besides, while he enjoys his drink, he doesn’t consider himself a drunkard. He holds his hand up and flat to show there is no tremor in it.

    “See? Solid as a rock,” Hitchens said.

Best part about this? That Hitchens still hangs with us little people at Buffalo Billiards. Just another reason to heart him…