Hit Em Up: Nikki Finke Disses Gawker, Mediabistro

Brash Los Angeles blogger Nikki “I ain’t got no m-f-ing friends” Finke — she of Deadline|Hollywood — is putting Gawker on blast today, claiming she does bigger numbers than her New York-based rival. And, she says, she doesn’t “bottomfeed” with celebrity coverage just to boost her comScore numbers. Then, just for good measure, she even throws a few shots at Mediabistro.

We were gonna stay out of the beef, until we heard her say our name.

Nikki Finke ain’t never heard of ya, after the jump.

Ms. Finke’s post gets so heated, we’re surprised there weren’t some warmup throwaway lines at the beginning, like, “You already know who this is”:

Last month, I told you that Deadline|Hollywood, after just four years in existence, has a larger readership than Variety and The Hollywood Reporter print and online combined. Now I can tell you that, according to comScore, DH from January 1st-31st doubled its own November U.S. traffic, and also increased its lead over Hollywood trades and other media websites. In fact, Quantcast numbers show Deadline|Hollywood global uniques of 4,282,752 bested Gawker’s 4,164,897 for the same month. And we’re doing it by staying lean and mean with original business news content that’s advertiser supported and doesn’t bottomfeed about celebrities just to inflate web traffic.

We were just chuckling at the manic energy until Finke hit us with a second verse:

According to comScore (the web’s leading U.S. analytics and traffic source), Deadline|Hollywood in January recorded 2,299,000 uniques, 5,100,000 visits, and 8,000,000 page views. That was nearly 3 times more uniques and page views than The Hollywood Reporter; 4 times more than Variety; 5.5 times more uniques and 8 times more page views than The Wrap; 21.2 times more uniques than Paid Content and 30.6 times more page views; 3 times more uniques and page views than MediaBistro [sic!]; and 4 times more than Vanity Fair.

But Finke saved her best punch line for last:

“Look for Mike Fleming’s Deadline|New York to go live on March 2nd.”

Album drops March 2; we don’t wanna sound mad, we feel marvelous; etc. Oh, and for those that don’t know, don’t get it twisted; the “b” in “Mediabistro” is lowercase.