Hiring The Frog Prince: A Fairy Tale

Recruiters may enjoy (and may want to pass on to their bosses) this fairy tale of a king who wished to hire a brave knight to defend his kingdom.

To be considered a worthy, and award-winning knight, the person must accomplish the following:

1. Exceed the basic quota and seek out and banish at least 4-6 dragons and other evil-doers from the kingdom over the course of the first six months.
2. Establish a training school for all aspiring knights that is known and well-respected throughout the land.
3. Use PowerPoint and Excel to present complex industrial demon-fighting plans and strategies at the monthly offsite.
4. Lead a team of knights and procurement squires to reduce the cost of all battlefield equipment.

[The recruiter] artfully persisted along this same line a bit further, saying that the compensation package wasn’t even competitive, and worse, the kingdom’s healthcare plan did not include a battle-injury coverage provision.

Is the king being too picky? You’ll have to read on to see if there’s a happily-ever-after ending.