Hipsters Annoyed by Vice

VICE_Logo1Vice — the media organization for hipsters, rich kids who dress like they’re poor, terrible artists and other annoying people — is preparing to move to its new headquarters in Williamsburg. As Ad Age reports, the building used to house music venues Glasslands and Death By Audio. Both are now closing, and that has angered the locals:

During one of Death by Audio’s final shows on Tuesday, Tim Harrington of the band Les Savy Fav took the stage with ‘Suck It Vice’ written across his body

Last week, during a do-it-yourself art show at Death By Audio, someone painted ‘Fuck You Shane’ on a wall, presumably a reference to Shane Smith, Vice‘s co-founder and CEO

Apparently hell hath no fury like a shitty band scorned.

In a statement, a Vice spokesperson brushed off the criticism. “Vice has been in Williamsburg for 15 years,” the spokesperson told Ad Age. “Over that time very few companies have supported the neighborhood’s independent bands, artists, freelancers and creatives more than Vice. As we move into the new space we will expand our efforts to support the same community we always have in new and larger ways.”