‘Hip Spectacles and No Testicles.’ Meet the Furry New Face of Pet Population Control


When we think PSAs about pet population control, we think 30-second guilt trips brimming with the sad faces of caged, abandoned animals and statistics that would make even the hardest heart bleed. But the latest spots from from givethemten.org and agency Northlich/Cincinnati approach this serious issue in an entirely different way; his name is Scooter the Neutered Cat, and what he lacks in virility, he makes up for in attitude and sheer smoothness.

In one of the campaing’s videos (after the jump), Scooter — in his deep, Shaft-like voice — shares insights like: “It’s hip to be snipped,” “I no longer mark my territory; it comes to me,” and “getting my berries picked didn’t just make me a cooler cat; it helped in the fight against feline overpopulation.”

We think this humorous twist on a decidedly-unfunny issue is actually quite effective; the problem with heart-wrenching PSAs is that people flip the channel so as to avoid having their entire day overcast by gloom, and thereby miss the message. This campaign, however, manages to use wit and entertainment to keep viewers, but also mixes in the necessary dose of reality. For instance, while the main page of the website amusingly offers a free T-shirt to anyone who pledges to “go gonad-free,” it also features a countdown at the top of the page informing readers that every twenty minutes, a kill shelter takes the life of a cat.

In fact, the campaign has already received so much attention, that Scooter himself has had to take to the web to explain that due to overwhelming and international support, those free T-shirts have already run out and are in the process of being restocked. Here’s his statement (and yes, we think he definitely has a future career in PR):

Scooter here. It looks like our hip T-shirts are frustrating you as much as laser pointers frustrate me. We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of kind-hearted, dedicated people who want to take the pledge and join the Ten movement. We expected the best and brightest from around here, but now we’re hearing from cool cats around the world. It’s a great problem to have. And it seems that humans don’t fit into cat-sized shirts. I’ll talk to my people and make the adjustment.

May we contact you by email when I work out the details? Please be patient with me. My lack of testes makes me awesome, but my lack of thumbs makes me slow at typing.

Stay cool,