‘Hills Have Thighs’ Filmmaker Upset Over Indecent Version of His Film

Weird story from TMZ. James “Bubba” Cromer, the filmic brains behind a 2008 comedy called “The Hills Have Thighs,” has filed suit against HBO and Showtime in LA Superior Court for making a soft-core porn version of his film — using the same title.

TMZ has the backstory:

[Buba] saw listings for his movie to play on Cinemax and TMC [owned by HBO and Showtime respectively] … so he called everyone he knew to make sure they all tuned in … including a member of the House of Representatives.

But his movie didn’t play. Instead, his friends and family watched a soft-core porn version of ‘THHT.”

Bubba is suing for unspecified damages for emotional distress.

Here’s the trailer for his film, which actually looks kind of amazing.