Hillraisers in The Hamptons

Republican State Committee Chairman Joseph Mondello sounded resigned in a statement issued at the beginning of the weekend, “With this weekend’s big money sweep through the Hamptons, Hillary Clinton once again demonstrates that her priority is raising massive amounts of campaign cash in her dash through New York and back to the White House.”

But that doesn’t make her a bad person.

With the flapjack breakfast (at The Patrikoffs), barbecue (The Reids), cocktails (The Schwartz’s) and dinner (Ron Perelman), it’s a wonder that former President Bill Clinton — who joined his wife — stayed on message, diet-wise.

There was also the “Afternoon among the vines” event, with a modest $250 and up ticket price, hosted by Robert Entenmann and family. Geoffrey Gray notes in New York, “…(The Entenmann’s) … money comes from the packaged baked goods.” Finally, with unintended irony, from Cindy Adams today, “And how’s (Senator Clinton’s) staff signal that she finally made it? They whisper: ‘The package has arrived.'”

— Ron Mwangaguhunga