Hillary’s Hairdo ‘Doesn’t Cut It’

London’s Daily Mail takes issue with Sec. of State Hillary Clinton‘s hairdo. The style has evolved into a shoulder-length feminine do that has been “scraped up ” as the story and caption so rudely declare. The headline screams awful. “Oh Hillary, that hairstyle just doesn’t cut it: Mrs Clinton prepares for huge UN meeting with lank locks.”

An excerpt from the Daily Mail:

Mrs Clinton’s hair was scraped back and clipped on top of her head, but looked lank and in need of some love and understanding.

Clinton appeared on ABC’s “This Week” with Christiane Amanpour Sunday with her hair casually (and a bit messily) tossed back into a clip. HuffPost also capitalized on Clinton’s locks today with a poll asking readers whether or not they like the hair clip. “Is Hillary’s hair clip too casual for the UN?” HuffPost wonders.

This is far from the first time Clinton’s hair has gotten noticed… Back in March, HuffPost asked readers to comment on her what then looked to be a “beehive” style. In addition, there was a pictorial on Clinton’s hair from January 1993 to November 1994 in addition to pictures of her hair from 1973 to the present. In late August, WaPo also cut in on the issue when Robin Givhan wrote a column saying that Clinton had “grown out her hair” and “it looks quite nice.”