Hillary Campaign Refuses to Give Up…on T-Shirt Design Contest

hillary winning tshirt.jpgHillary Clinton’s presidential campaign may be dead, but she’s determined to see this t-shirt contest thing through to the end. After receiving “almost 5,000 amazing entries” and more than 125,000 online votes, the contest has picked a winner (pictured at left). Designed by “Denitza of Weehawken, New Jersey” (which sounds like a circa-1930s purveyor of charming ladies’ chapeaux), the winning design is heavy on the text. Set in a Matt Groening-flavored typeface is the catchy slogan: “For everyone who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out and for everyone who works hard but never gives up, this one [insert silhouette of Hillary, standing at attention in a pantsuit and kitten heels] is for you!” The “limited-edition t-shirt” can be yours for a $50 contribution, which will go toward paying down Hillary’s campaign debt. As for the design, noted Hillary in a letter to supporters, “it won by a landslide.” Click “continued…” for a closer look.

hillary winning tshirt.jpg