The Hill Adds Analysis From Policy Experts, Think Tanks

Congressional pub launches new 'contributors' section of website

Washington, D.C., policy publication The Hill launched today a new "Contributors" section of its website, which will host hundreds of policy experts with a broad range of political viewpoints and expertise. Issues will be examined "through the lens of academia, think tanks, diplomats and other experts around the country," according to a statement.

Among the organizations and institutions that signed on to contribute original reporting and intellectual analysis are the American Enterprise Institute, Brookings Institute, Atlantic Council and Center for American Progress, and colleges such as Cornell University and Johns Hopkins University. This is in addition to numerous policy experts with experience in foreign affairs, finance and national security.

"For two decades, The Hill has distinguished itself as an essential read for those with a serious interest in politics inside and outside the Beltway," editor in chief Hugo Gordon said in a statement. "Adding the best intellectual minds in America to our editorial brings a new layer of expertise to our balanced and objective reporting."

The Hill, which recently redesigned its website and saw a 30 percent spike in Web traffic, said that the new section will in no way change the shape of the publication's original reporting and analysis.