High Times Magazine Is Heading West

Company CRO tells Crain's "the center of the cannabis universe has moved to California."

As we recently reported, High Times magazine took possession of a Los Angeles office last fall, located smack-dab in the middle of an area rejuvenated by the Rick Caruso‘s The Grove. The view from the Miracle Mile building was already pretty good and became even more expansive once the results of California’s Proposition 64 were tabulated in November.

Per a report by Crain’s New York Business’ Matthew Flamm, the whole operation now is going to relocate there. By April, the upstart entity that started up in Greenwich Village in 1974 will be gone:

“The center of the cannabis universe has moved to California,” said Matt Stang, chief revenue officer at High Times. “New York used to be a liberal bastion.” …

“Even the medical marijuana law in New York is one of the most restrictive and least helpful to those in need,” he said.

About 30 staffers are affected by the decision. Flamm writes that it’s unclear at this point how many will choose to make the move to L.A.

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Image via: hightimes.com