HeyWire for iOS: Free Texting to 45 Countries, Facebook/Gtalk Chat & Twitter via SMS

What would you think of a free iOS (iPhone/iPad) app that has the following features? HeyWire Features Free Texting (Real SMS) to 45+ Countries from a real U.S. phone number, Smartphone Messenger Worldwide, Twitter, Facebook Chat, IM + More.

HeyWire (iTunes App Store)

The answer is, it really depends. HeyWire’s 3-star average customer rating in Apple’s iTunes App Store masks two distinct groups of people. One group of 124 gave the app the full 5-star rating while the other group of 99 people gave it a dismal 1-star rating. Much smaller groups of people were in the middle with 2, 3 and 4 star ratings.

Many of the 1-star individual ratings with reviews complained about dropping free texting to specific countries. Others noted functional problems with the app.

In addition to free text messages, HeyWire provides Twitter-via-SMS, Facebook chat, Google Gtalk and group messaging support.

Via Gina Smith’s BYTE Unplugged: Live from SF App Show – Thrutu