Hey AT&T, I Have Zero Bars. Do I Qualify for a Free MicroCell?

AT&T’s plan to deal with its spotty voice and data wireless services is to offer customers the option to pay even more to buy a microcell (tower) for their home and then pay additional monthly fees to use their own wired broadband service with their AT&T phone. However, according to Engadget, a few AT&T customers are getting free microcells. It is not clear if these free microcells require a monthly fee for use or if the service is also being offered free of charge.
AT&T handing out free 3G MicroCells to loyal customers?
Hey, AT&T, I have zero bars. If I walk around, my iPhone 3G field service mode used to report around -115dBm in some spots. Do I quality for a free microcell and free monthly service?