Here’s Mike Allen’s Note on Leaving Politico

5 longtime Politicos are leaving.

In Playbook this morning, Mike Allen wrote about his departure from Politico to which he has been inextricably tied for much of the last decade. There’s no reason to think the morning Playbook newsletter won’t go on after Allen leaves later this year. It’s been in the steady co-editing hands of Daniel Lippman for the last 18 months. And Lippman was a researcher long before that. “It’s been the ride of a lifetime,” Allen begins.

After this election, it’ll be time to get off. After the most exciting nine years of my life, I’ll join Jim VandeHei, our visionary and gutsy boss, in a new venture that will change the world one more time. Technology trends are beckoning us to get started: Where others see risk and disruption, we see fun and opportunity. This mindset is what drove Jim, Robert and John to start POLITICO — and it’s what will keep driving POLITICO and all of us.

–POLITICO is the sturdiest and most successful it has ever been, with the most promising crop of rising leaders. Going now creates space for this new generation to make its mark, and achieve its own satisfaction and success. By waiting till after the election, we have time to make sure that the transition is smooth and that we leave an even better team behind. To the Politicos of today and tomorrow: You’ll always have my support, advice and love: I’ll be cheering for ya!

Allen joins CEO Jim VandeHei and 3 other Politico executives out the door.