Here Is a List of Celebrities Who Are Already on Meerkat and Periscope

Jimmy Fallon, Madonna, Shaq, Rand Paul and many more

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As we've learned throughout social media history, celebrities often drive consumer adoption of new websites and apps. Actor Ashton Kutcher and Twitter are often cited as the ultimate example of a successful marriage, forged in the platform's early days. 

Well, this week, we've had a startup rivalry emerge: South by Southwest darling Meerkat versus Twitter-owned Periscope. Both apps—which are like social-video versions of Apple's FaceTime—are attracting scores of stars.

One would be hard-pressed to dig up two competing services that went mainstream in less than a month like Meerkat and Periscope have.

Check out the famous folks—such as Jimmy Fallon, Al Roker, Questlove Gomez and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who are on both—who are live streaming via smartphone. (The lists below should not be considered complete, as people are downloading each app constantly right now.)

Here's Meerkat's list:

Jimmy Fallon

Jared Leto

Ashton Kutcher

Kevin Jonas


Michelle Phan

Questlove Gomez

Tony Hawk

Rio Ferdinand

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jim Gaffigan

Shaquille O'Neal

Al Roker

Adam Goldberg




Leo Laporte

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Kasie Hunt

Chase Jarvis

Brian Stelter

Cory Booker

Lester Holt

Triple H


Jeb Bush

Glenn Beck

Rand Paul

And here's Periscope's:

Aaron Paul

Sophia Bush

Adam Shapiro

Mario Batali

Tyra Banks

Kevin Hart

Jamie Oliver

Roger Federer

Shonda Rhimes

David Blaine

Edward Norton

Josh Charles

Justine Ezarik

Mary J. Blige

Jimmy Fallon

Mark Cuban

Ryan Seacrest

Kevin Jonas

Al Roker

Carson Daly

Chris Hardwick

Sanjay Gupta

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jared Leto

Brian Stelter

Questlove Gomez

Ann Curry

Claire McCaskill

John Stamos

Lester Holt

Michael Bloomberg

Rebecca Minkoff

Curtis Lepore

Marcus Johns

Cameron Dallas

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.