Here. Child. Play Quietly With Ball. Ball Very Fun.

Usually on the drive home from work we don’t get that angry listening to NPR. If it’s some political thing, we’ll usually let it just glide over, because we’re beat, it’s late, traffic is bad, blah, blah. But yesterday afternoon there was a story on about the busy schedules of kids and it made us upset and hate the phrase “play date” even more. We really enjoyed the slant the network gave it, the underlying message being “don’t you see that you’re robbing your kids of a fondly remembered childhood?!” but all the middle parts, with a couple of kids being interviewed and going on and on about all their activities really burnt us up. We calmed down pretty quickly, but then we ran across Yanko Design’s coverage of Didi Dunphy’s work, which brings the fun of the outdoors inside by making things like skateboards, swing sets, and see saws safe for use in your home. On one hand, we think her stuff looks fantastic. Everything is beautifully designed. On the other, it once again makes us want to scream, “Just let the little bastards run around outside!” But that’s for us to deal with.