Here Are 9 Taco Bell Snapchat Creative Samples Going Live This Week

Brand starts 'Doodle War'

If Chipotle was as crafty with its social as Taco Bell, the world would probably spend more on burritos. That's not a diss on Chipotle's marketing team—they are doing just fine, thank you very much. But brands not named Red Bull or GoPro appear to be chasing the discount Mexican food chain when it comes to employing emerging media.

Taco Bell, based in Irvine, Calif., exclusively shared creative with Adweek for the Snapchat Stories campaign—loosely dubbed Doodle War—that it's rolling out this week. Brands can use Snapchat Stories to post a photo or video to its Stories section so visitors on the mobile-social app can check it out at their leisure. It doesn't disappear within 10 seconds like posts—or "snaps," in millennial vernacular—typically do.

Other names testing Snapchat Stories include Coke, Victoria's Secret and Karmaloop, while trying to zero in on Gen Y consumers who might be fleeing Facebook.

Give Taco Bell's 9-piece creative plan below a look.

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