Herb & Dorothy, Part Deux: Ubercollectors Return in 50×50

They’re ba-ack! The unlikely art world power couple of Herb and Dorothy Vogel returns to the big screen in Herb and Dorothy 50×50, a follow-up to the heartwarming 2008 documentary that brought them to the attention of millions worldwide. In the new film, which opens today in select cities, director and producer Megumi Sasaki follows the Vogels as they see the results of their national gift project, launched in 2008 with the National Gallery of Art, to give a total of 2,500 artworks to museums in all 50 states. The road movie through the art world goes from Honolulu to Fargo, visiting 11 of the museums that were on the receiving end of “The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for Fifty States.”

Sasaki decided to embark on a second film about the Vogels after visiting the first exhibition of the 50×50 gift, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and realizing how little she knew about the storied collection that was at the center of Herb & Dorothy. “The artworks were so small in size yet carried such beauty and elegance,” she says in her director’s statement. “I felt as though I had been documenting a famous actor behind-the-scenes for four years without ever having seen him act onstage.” The project gained a new poignance—and took a challenging turn—after Herb’s death last year at the of 89. “My only regret is that Herb didn’t get to see the film,” adds Sasaki. “But I know his spirit has been with us this whole way, and I hope the film’s release will be a wonderful tribute to him.”

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