Henry Blodget Defends Business Insider, Online Media

Today is apparently Business Insider’s third birthday. Happy Birthday BI! In a post discussing where the company stands after three years, editor-in-chief and CEO Henry Blodget takes some shots at newspapers (typical), explains BI’s financial standing (sounds promising) and, describes the company’s work environment (most intriguing).

Blodget’s post, in large part, was in defense of a New York Times article yesterday that described ways in which digital news outlets run their writers into the ground. Blodget defends the digital medium. He writes:

“And we get tired of seeing companies like ours portrayed like that. Not only because we love what we do but because we think we’ve created a dynamic, exciting workplace–one in which talented, motivated people succeed and hard work, team-work, creativity, and success are rewarded.”

Blodget goes on to defend the pay scale at BI, and digital media at large.

“First, on the “digital slave-labor pay scales” theme, we’re happy to report that–at least at this company–we’ve reached the point where our full-time pay and benefits are equal to or more than those at most mainstream media organizations (not all, but most). Most of our team have the opportunity to earn performance-based bonuses, but these bonuses are NOT just tied to readership goals. They’re also dependent on teamwork, quality, management, attitude, effort, improvement, and other more subjective measures that help us build a better product and company.

Of course this comes from the CEO and creator, so he obviously has reason to hold this opinion about how the company pays its employees. But if it’s true, maybe that career switch to digital media shouldn’t seem so bad.