Helvetica-To-Go, Now On Sale


Do you currently have $75 in your pocket? Well, you don’t for long. Mr. Typeface Movie himself, Gary Hustwit, has just opened up pre-orders for Helvetica. Sure, you could buy just the movie itself, which comes with 90 extra minutes of footage, a couple of buttons and you’ll save five bucks off the retail. But we know you and you’re the type who has to have all the special versions of things, if just to brag to your jealous, weepy-eyed friends, and so you’ll likely spring for the $75 Deluxe Limited Edition, which is described as follows:

A limited-edition package in a custom box that includes the retail DVD, three letterpressed mini-posters, a color C-print of a still from the film (one of ten different stills) signed by director Gary Hustwit, two love/hate Helvetica buttons, and a letter of actual Helvetica metal type! We might even throw more cool stuff in there too. Limited edition of 1,000 copies. Release date November 6.

We also know that you’re the type to throw your money around in order to try and influence powerful, attractive bloggers. E-mail us and we’ll tell you where to send the two extra sets we know you’ll be buying.