Helsinki Wins World Design Capital Designation for 2012


It might be wise to plan on just asking for frequent flier miles donations this holiday season, or outright plane tickets, instead of the usual stuff in wrapped boxes. You’ll have Seoul to visit next year as they serve as the World Design Capital for 2010. And now, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design have made their selection for the next city to host the biennial event: Helsinki, Finland. Probably also wise if you ask for extra money too, since the events go on year round in each of these selected capitals. Here’s a bit about Helsinki’s recent win of the designation:

The winner of the title must organize design-related events throughout the year. The title is expected to bring a number of design events to the Finnish capital throughout the year. Jussi Pajunen, the mayor of Helsinki, said the city council would begin preparations at once.

“Helsinki has not been in the global spotlight in such a way since the 1952 Olympics. The international design community will be paying attention to the city,” said Helsinki’s cultural director Pekka Timonen.